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Paint systems and treatment

We offer precision paint treatment and system solutions: This includes our paint supply systems, containers for paint storage and airless spray guns.

Paint supply

Paint supply systems

Paint supply systems are manual or partially or fully automated systems with one or more circuits.

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Equipment variants:

Paint circuits per system:

> one or more circuits

Container sizes/types:

> 200 l barrel
> 30 l bucket
> 1000 l IBC
> as well as other sizes


> pneumatic diaphragm or double-diaphragm pumps with/without pressure converter


> filter stations allow filters to be changed during ongoing operation


> electric or pneumatic operated mixers with
> pneumatic or electric lifting equipment


> spray flow heater
> container heater
> hose heater


> manual
> partially automated
> fully automated: operated via the system controls

Operating modes:

> paint mode
> circulation for homogenization and tempering
> rinsing function
> exhaust air function
> stand-by: maintains operability in the event of longer breaks or as an anti-freeze with temperature control

Paint container, paint storage

Paint container, paint storage

aint containers for installation in halls or outdoor areas are designed as storage or supply systems.
Regardless of requirements, paint containers are equipped with forced ventilation including monitoring and alarm functions.

Airless paint guns

Airless paint guns

Airless paint guns are well-suited for fast, efficient and cost-effective coating of large parts and surfaces. They are especially suitable for applications involving high quantities of paint.

Airless paint guns do not use compressed air for atomization. The spray is pressurized through a pump and atomized into tiny particles at the nozzle of the spray gun.

There is less mist (overspray) on account of the lack of atomized air. That decreases paint consumption compared to other spray processes while also improving working and environment conditions in closed spaces.

In our systems, the cost-effectiveness of the spray process is increased further through the development of rapidly opening and closing spray guns.