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Here you will find business documents, media articles and company brochures to download in PDF format.

Product information and brochures

Full brochure 2016 (German/English) Preservation lines – primer units (German/English) UV pipe coating lines (German/English) PB 2 test sheet coating machine (German/English) Combi spray booths (German/English) scanner-based 3D material detection system (German/English)

Terms and conditions, and services

General Terms and Conditions (German, English) Terms and Conditions of Assembly – Inland (German) Terms and Conditions of Assembly – International  (English) On-site services  (German, English) Orgalime-S2012 (German, English) Orgalime-SI 14 (German, English)


Certification according to ISO 9001:2015 by DEKRA (German, English)