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Control systems

Highly automated coating offers significant benefits in terms of the precision of continuous work flows, process safety and uniform quality. inTEC offers bespoke turnkey control systems for coating systems that are suitable for your paint specifications and production environment.

Control systems

Control systems

We usually use Siemens control systems. Primarily, touch panels are used for the human-machine interface. The user navigation has been designed specifically for certain target groups (user, support) and is designed to be as intuitive as possible.

Retrofit or upgrade to TIA

We would be delighted to help you modernize your existing systems:

  • upgrade to the latest control systems, e.g. if spare parts can no longer be supplied, 
  • increased productivity and financial savings, and 
  • last but not least: adaptation to current occupational health and safety requirements and machine safety provisions.

Remote maintenance

Our service contracts also give you the option of remote access to system controls. Access is provided via a secure, tunneled Internet connection. It ensures that your machine is secured against unauthorized access.

Remote maintenance allows for software updates, diagnostics in the event of faults, or simply user support.

Contact our support team to find out more about unique options for your own system.


Control system Demo

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3D material recognition for welded structures

3D material recognition for welded structures

Efficient coating of complex welded structures using the scanner-based 3D material recognition system.

The 3D material recognition system scans the contours of continuous welded structures and recognizes loops, welded construction parts, top plates and gaps.

The generated data is used to control the paint unit:

  • The spray guns are automatically switched on and off. 
  • Faults, overcoating and overspray are reduced. 
  • Quality is improved and the process made more environmentally friendly. 
  • There is no more need for laborious set-up and formulation processes.

The 3D material recognition system is a supplementary system for continuous coating systems and requires the latest generation of inTEC control systems.