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Systems for coating pipes

Solutions for exterior pipe coating: Conservation or top coating: Exterior coating

Solutions for interior pipe coating: Conservation or top coat:
Interior coating

Coating systems for conserving or applying the coat are integrated into the existing transport path or production line or set up as a separate line.

The coating and drying process is carried out automatically when the material enters the system. Loading and unloading can be carried out manually, semi-automatically or automatically.

The coat is applied with economical airless coating guns. All of the sides of the pipe are coated in a single pass through the machine. All of the system's assemblies are automatically set to the required pipe diameter.

Optionally, the overspray is separated and prepared for reuse.

All of the assemblies are optimised for easy and rapid cleaning and are accessible from the outside.
The walls of the coating unit are coated with an anti-adhesion film to ensure easy cleaning.

The maintenance overhead has been reduced to the essentials.

The concept development takes into account the needs resulting from the shape of the workpiece, the environmental conditions and the required task.

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++ New developments ++

Efficient and automatic coating of complex welded constructions with the new scanner-based 3D material detection system for continuous coating.

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