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Exhaust air treatment

We recommend the following exhaust air purification systems to reduce VOC emissions and comply with the legal limits:

Exhaust air purification with biofilters

The microorganisms in the biofilter convert the exhaust air contaminated with VOC into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

Biofilters have a high level of operating reliability and availability, even at peak loads.

Biofilters are delivered with a modular design in a closed container protected from the elements.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO)

RTO systems (Regenerative Thermal Oxidation exhaust air purification systems) achieve considerably higher levels of thermal efficiency (up to 97%) than conventional thermal afterburning systems.

The thermal recuperation is carried out via ceramic heat exchangers arranged in multiple chambers. While one chamber transfers the stored heat thermal energy to the process air, the next chamber is heated by the waste heat from the oxidation. The chambers are used alternately by changing the direction of flow, ensuring constant operation.

The system operates exclusively using the energy created by the oxidation of the solvents at a solvent content (VOC) of approximately 2 g/Nm³. Additional combustibles are not required.

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