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Coat dust dry filter system

Coat dust dry filter systems are used to separate out non-explosive types of dust (dust separation).
Dry filter systems are designed and manufactured specifically for the order. They are controlled by the machine in which the dry filter system is installed.


The contaminated air is extracted by the fan. The air guidance in the dry filter system spins the heavy dust particles into the dust collection container by means of centrifugal force. Then the contaminated air is routed through the filter elements where smaller dust particles are filtered out.


Dust particles sticking to the filter elements are blown off by an impulse of compressed air. The blown-off dust falls into a dust collecting pan.

Pre-coater: System for coating the filter elements

Wet and light dust particles adhere to the surface of the filter elements and clog them. In order to increase the service life of the filter elements, these can be provided with a separating coating (pre-coat).

Technical specifications

Filter type: PF 8000 PF 12000 PF 16000
Air quantity [m³/h]: 80001200016000
Connection rating [kW]: 152 x 15
Weight [t]:
Noise emissions: max. 80 dB(A)
Filter element type: Filter cartridge
Dust class: M
Pre-coater: optional
(equipment variant PFxxxx PR)
Pneumatic operating pressure [bar]: 4...6
Compressed air quality: ISO 8573.1, class 3, oil-free

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